Happy new week beautiful people 😊 trust y’all had an amazing weekend.

So I visited the flower shop cafe, and now I think I have found my new favourite breakfast spot.

If you are looking for the perfect blend of lifestyle, nature and food? then you should definitely visit The Flowershop Cafe Lagos.

The flowershop cafe is located at No. 274 Akin Adesola, Victoria island, Lagos. It’s just by the road so you wouldn’t miss it.

I love the idea of them bringing a flower shop and a cafe/restaurant all under one roof. You know going to get flowers, while they get it wrapped you just sit for a cup of coffee.

The cafe is a bit small, perfect for quick coffee breaks, family hangouts and even dates.

I visited on a Saturday for breakfast so it wasn’t so crowded.

Asides from the indoor space it also has an outer sitting area.

The most amazing thing for me was the ambiance. The ambiance was really nice , it was quite calm and jolly. It was very aesthetically vibrant, their unique tables clearly represent their aesthetic. The restroom was so pretty.

Their service was incredible. Food came really fast, the wait time was just like 15 minutes.

Their customer service was excellent. I got an amazing welcome right from the entrance. you’d think I was one dignitary. So far they have given me the best customer service I have gotten from any restaurant here in Lagos.

The waiters actually did an amazing job. There was always someone close by to attend to me and clean up immediately after every meal.

They offer valet parking service, so once you get there you don’t have to stress yourself parking your car. I think it’s a free service even though the guy asked me to please give him something for the weekend.

Besides the great service, the food was excellent, at least everything I tried. From the complimentary bread to the main dish.

I visited the cafe for breakfast. So I ordered their signature waffles. It was served with some fresh fruits, scrambled eggs, salted caramel syrup and some whipped cream.

The Waffle cost N4800 and Scrambled egg N1200

Then I also tried the Ina Kwana breakfast pot. (Ina kwana means good morning in hausa)

The pot was a combination of beans, mashed yam. Sunny side up With a side of fried plantain. 

Ina kwana breakfast pot N5800

For beverage, I had americano. It came with a complimentary cookie. I loved that it came with an option of either white or brown sugar.

I also tried their mint and ginger infused tea. (I highly recommend this when you visit)

The Americano was N1400 while the Mint and ginger infused tea N1900

Prices were exclusive of taxes.

After eating I went to the flower shop to pick up some flowers. That was actually the highlight of my day. And asides from flowers they sell really lovely decors. Like flower vases, candles and diffusers.

Overall I had a decent experience and will highly recommend.

Have you visited THE FLOWER SHOP CAFE? If no, is it a place you’d love to visit?

Stay winning.

Xoxo 💋


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