Pitstop Lagos is located at 92A Younis Bashorun Street, VI, Lagos.

It’s a cycling inspired restaurant and fitness space all in one. They also have a cycling store upstairs, you’d surely get any cycling gear you are looking for, from bicycles to sport wear.

Beautiful indoor and outdoor space, quite colourful. They had so many arts of the walls, they also had loads of  board games, probably to keep you busy while you wait for your order. Perfect space for hanging out with family and friends. It’s a very family friendly restaurant with great background music.

I visited on a Saturday and the restaurant was so crowded and quite noisy. It’s a small space so you can literally hear loud laughs coming from every corner, i don’t know if this is a norm as I was visiting for the first time or just a one off thing.

The Service was top notch, even though I had to sit for like 30 mins before someone came to attend to me, by the way the waiter apologised for that. Every staff at pitstop was so pleasant, right from the security man at the gate, which made my visit really satisfying.

Oh their menu was kind of limited but don’t worry you’d definitely find something you like. Another unique thing about Pitstop is that on the menu every food have written beside it the number of calories. I found it funny but really cool, at least you know exactly what you are having.

The food was also very reasonably priced.

I was given some complimentary garlic bread, and this by far beats every garlic bread I have had in my entire life. It was fresh and also delicious. I was tempted to ask for more but I had to behave myself.

I ordered their CHICKEN THIGH BURGER and for drinks I had the PINK LEMON mocktail.

The wait time was so long, I couldn’t even complain because the delicious bread they served made up for it. The waiter said the delay was because the kitchen was very busy on that day.

The CHICKEN THIGH BURGER came with FRIES: and some Pitstop sauce, cost N5000.

This burger was heavenly, it was huge, rich, juicy, inviting, looking at it alone gave me so much joy. The chicken in it was so flavourful.

I couldn’t even finish it because of how huge it was. I had to ask them to help me pack it so I could take it home and properly devour it.

The PINK LEMON mocktail went for N2500.

I think it was a mixture of sweet grapes and lemon, but it tasted really nice.

You should also note that the prices on the menu were exclusive of tax.

From a very satisfied customer I’d rate them a 9/10 and would definitely be visiting again to try out other things on their menu and take cute pictures.

Have you been to Pitstop before? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear from you.

Xoxo 💋


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