Restaurant review// My Coffee Lagos

Hello beautiful people, how are y’all doing? Trust you are keeping safe.

So I go to visit my coffee Lagos last weekend and I am here with all the juicy details.

They have several branches here in Lagos, I visited the branch at the Wings building located in Victoria island.

This place has such a serene atmosphere, it has both an inner and outer sitting area.


If you are looking for a comfortable working space I think this might be a good option, but my internet connection frustrated me, it might be different for you depending on your network provider.

I opted to sit outside because of the water view, who wouldn’t want to eat with such a view.

The environment was so clean and unlike most restaurants in Lagos that have an outer sitting area, there was no fly stressing me out.

My thought at first was that it was just a cafe, so in my head I was going to have maybe just coffee and croissant never knew they served actual food.

I visited the restaurant on a Saturday morning so it wasn’t so crowded which I loved so much.

Let’s talk about the few things I tried on their menu.

To start I ordered for a cup of cappuccino and a slice of almond cake. The cappuccino was good but the almond cake, I can’t even explain. It was my first time having an almond cake so I had no idea if it was suppose to be that way, first the cake was so hard and as a sweet tooth that I am , I didn’t enjoy it.

Coffee, cappuccino

So I don’t think I would be having almond cake anytime soon.

Cake slice
Almond cake

I ordered the Roasted chicken and jollof rice, it was served with some coleslaw.

A plate of the rice went for N4500, it was very affordable for the portion and guys the jollof rice was quite appetising .

The roasted chicken has the most unusual but beautiful texture. It was soft enough for my knife to completely glide through without force and had this melt-on-your-tongue effect which was quite mesmerising. It’s is a dish I’ll definitely be ordering again.

You should definitely try it out if you get to visit.

I also got to try their Strawberry, apple and banana smoothie, this actually BLEW MY MIND, you could taste that the fruits were really fresh. I would order it ten times over.


I also tried their yam chips. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t enjoy the yam as it was too dry, the pepper spice was actually nice. I just think that it would be more enjoyable.

Yam chips

Their staffs there were so nice, at least everyone I had an encounter with.

No one bothered me even when I set up my tripod to take pictures I didn’t get any funny stares from people.


Their price is very affordable , so if you are looking for a good spot to relax in Lagos then you should visit my coffee.

All in, all I really enjoyed my My coffee dining experience. I’ll definitely be visiting again! And would definitely recommend.

What I wore.

Thrift , okirika

Blazer and shorts were thrifted for less than 2000 Naira can’t remember the exact price. Shoe was a gift.

Until next time,

Stay beautiful.

Xoxo 💋


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