My Guilty Pleasure

Do you have a dress that you dont get tired of wearing over and over again?…no matter how hard you try? that dress just comes to the rescue, especially on days you get confused on what to wear. For me, that dress is my black maxi bodycon dress.

I got this dress for just 2500 Naira from Balogun market in Lagos.

This dress is super comfortable and figure flattering that it has become my go-to item.

A black maxi dress I think should be a wardrobe staple in every ladies closet, because you get to style it in different ways from office look, date nights to just casual looks.

So for me i dressed down this black maxi dress to get a casual look. I paired it with a pair of sneakers & wore an organza bomber jacket over it.

You can also check out how I styled this dress previously here.







How would you rock this dress?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay beautiful.




My Weekend in pictures.

Hey lovelies, hope y’all are having a lovely week. I know this post is long over due, but here it is anyways.

So I had quite an eventful weekend and decided to share all about it, so grab your popcorn and let’s have a bump free ride.

So here’s how my weekend went and also what I wore.


So on Thursday i had serious cravings for Amala and i had to go scout for a spot i heard that they sell the best Amala, I was very impressed. 

so here is what i wore.

Y’all know the strong love I have for black.

 By the way i am presently in Jos, the capital of plateau state and it tends to get a bit cold during this time of the year, that was why i wore a cardigan, trust me the sun came out in full force after i stepped out.

I wore a BLACK CARDIGAN FROM FOREVER 21 over a BLACK DENIM FROM RIVER ISLAND added a YELLOW JACKET just to add a pop of color to my outfit. I complemented this look with a pair of black BROGUES FROM PRADA.



I got to attend the Jos trade fair with my sisters & a friend. We basically just took a tour round the venue as there was nothing fascinating to buy, we got to a stand were a lady was convincing me to buy voodoo medicine on how to get any man of my dream I literally ran away.

We got to ride horses, had enough to eat & drink before leaving.

What I wore.



Black Fur Faux Jacket

Scarf From Gucci.


I attended the official opening of Rhennyz cakes, you can check them out on instagram

You know food makes me happy so I wouldn’t have missed that event for anything.

I had so many yummy edibles and bought a few pastries before leaving.

 I decided to go a lot more casual.

I wore a Maxi Pleated Skirt From Zara and paired it with a BLACK SPAGHETTI STRAPPED TOP FROM PRIMARK.

I wore a pair of flat gold sandal from my shoe line. You can check us out at

My purse is thrifted I have had it for over 2 years or so. 


I got to attend the YWAP (youth with a purpose) event. It was like a mini concert, themed THE REBOUND.

it was actually fun cos you could see young people really excited about God. It was just like bringing church to the streets.

So this was WHAT I WORE seeing as I woke up in a really great mood so I went for bright colors.

A stripe blouse with exergerate sleeves

White pants from

A pair of white shoe that I haven’t worn since like forever.

This basically was my Favorite outfit of the weekend!

I am anxiously looking forward to this weekend.

What do you think of what I wore this weekend? Let me know your thoughts pretty please💋

Remember to stay beautiful.

Until my next post.



I AM IN LOVE // ​Fenty Beauty Foundation Review


We all know that finding the right foundation can be very stressful, Finding a shade that matches both your overall skintone and your undertones can be what seems like a lifelong process. Well, Rihanna with the launch of the Fenty beauty line has made it easy with 40 whopping shades to choose from.

This product is a photo filter in form of a foundation.

 The Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation gives your skin this instant smooth feel and it blends in really easily, not like some other products you have to use the whole force in the world to blend in. 

It also has a shine free finish something I always look out for in my foundation because of the oily nature of my skin. It gives a medium to full coverage, it doesn’t give you any cakey feel, plus the foundation is really cool for our Nigerian weather seeing as the oil free formula is made with climatic adaptive formula that is resistant to humidity and sweat. This is pure awesomeness.

Did I mention this foundation is long wearing and also matte in nature. All those with oily skin should give this product a try.

The white packaging, I don’t really like, cos I kinda leave a mess after my makeup.

Final verdict on this product…I would definitely restock.


Above are some swatches.


I love the finish it gives to the skin.




How I wore a Lingerie out

​Hello lovelies,

How has adulting been?🌝.. anybody else have a problem with that, endless to do lists, piles of laundry, closet to get sorted, bills to be paid, deadlines to meet up with, errands to run…please who knows where I can hand in my resignation from this adulting life.

On the bright side, I’m bringing you a post on how I rocked my innerwear as an outerwear, yasssss, you heard me.

I rocked this outfit for a girls timeout with my friends.

I love the balance of this outfit, it speaks comfort and sexy, just how I love it.

I love me a crazy trend, I mean crazy in a very good way, like who would have thought?

This was a very sassy look.

I love how you can practically wear lingerie out, I love how it transforms a look by giving it that extra sass.

now to the pants, I literally took this trouser from my brother’s closet and had a tailor (obioma) amend it with just 200naira as you would have notice the pants are a little long so I finished off the look with a pair of heels 👠 and of course a red beret to compliment my shoes…red is so versatile, you can always count on a pair of reds to save the day. by the way berets are slowly becoming my favourite accessory 😊

Outfit Details :

Pants-  Green world

Beret- Ali Express

Black bodysuit- Primark

Shoes- Atmosphere

Bag- Trifted

 Let me know if you would rock your innerwear as an outerwear in any form.

Thank you for stopping by.💋



Embracing happiness.

​October has been a rollercoaster for me with life changing lows and game changing highs, I have been in the water so much these past few days. Some mornings just seems a lot harder getting out of bed.

Yes, October has been the most challenging for me this year. With nights of tears & doubts.

Days when I just feel my investments don’t match my returns. This month I felt lost, it just felt like the universe has decided to be against me & I felt God has deliberately turned his back against me.

Thank God for family and friends, I am learning to stop worrying so much these days, just finding my way one step at a time.

Like ifeteminikan of said to me few days back ” God will never put more on us than we can bear, He sure knows about it all” these words were something I have heard on a constant, but chatting with her seemed like a wake up call.

I am focusing on being grateful for all God has given me & to letting go of the past and not to worry about the future.

I am learning to laugh and dance at the oddest moment even when life doesn’t make any sense.

No matter what you are going through, find your voice. However long it takes find it. Don’t let anybody sell you a lie. It is only for a while, thing would look up

Live in the moment.

Smile more.

Your future is sorted, you would have a beautiful career.

God’s got you never forget that.

Now get up, wipe those tears & create the life you want.

Yes you can, and you will.

Psalm 61:2

(Pics via pinterest)

With love Sarah.

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Leave your baggage behind

 ‘Confidently look forward, leave your baggage behind and embrace your own unique journey.’

This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently…We’ve all been through challenges in life and have insecurities which if we aren’t mindful of, can hamper us and stop us from moving forward and fulfilling our destiny and reaching our potential. Not only that but they can also cause us to misread other people’s actions or words. 

I was thinking about this in relation to my own life…Over the years there have been many times when I’ve whined, cried, complained or felt sorry for myself at the challenges I’ve encountered. And even worse still, a few years back there were times when I felt like I hadn’t ‘achieved’ as much. If people would make comments innocently, I would then take it as if it was a slight to me or that my work was not as significant. I was challenged by a few wise people in my life and I realised it was something I needed to really get a hold of.

Now I’m at a place where I’m able to embrace the uniqueness of my journey, each day (I try 😅 besides the days when I just feel like the best option is Netflix and a duvet 😂🙈) to make the most of the opportunities available and create new ones. So even on gloomy days I’m able to have confidence that great things are to come.

Do Have a great week ahead



Monday Motivation: STAY ON YOUR LANE.

I have an above average aversion to traffic.  As one who constantly finds herself on the road, I attempt to arrange my schedule so that I can avoid the gridlock at all costs.  I make it my business to acquaint myself with the side streets, back roads, less crowded interstates and whatever routes and ‘legal’ methods there are just to arrive at my destination quicker and easier.  The honking,  stopping and going, the cutting off by other drivers, the off-scheduling and all of the frustration that comes with bad traffic, I can do without it.
And then there are times when it just can’t be avoided.  Whether it’s an accident or road construction that seems to take place at the most inopportune time, there it is…that inconvenient, horrific, time-consuming congestion.  ystdy was one of those days.  There I sat with thousands of other cars.

In an attempt to navigate through the madness, I found myself whisking from lane to lane.  It wasn’t really doing much good because I found that cars I passed seconds before were catching up with and passing me because traffic was letting up from lane to lane. So then I started to get anxious.  I didn’t want to feel like I wasn’t getting to my destination at the time I wanted to arrive. Have you been there or is it just me? I should have just as well stayed in the lane I was in because not only was it frustrating the drivers in other lanes to see me jump in front of them, disrupting their traffic flow, but it was also making me worked up and tired.
Then there a lay a critical life lesson right in front of me, a takeaway that I might not have gathered had I been somewhere eating ice cream:  Stay in your lane.
The ebb and flow of traffic is a lot like life.  We all want to reach God’s destiny for our lives and we all have different paths or lanes to get there.  There are times when we feel propelled and on course, moving forward without delay.  Then there are times when we feel like the journey is just stagnant with very little progress and moving at a very slow acceleration.  And when we feel stuck while others are passing us, whether they are getting the careers they want, the families they desire, the recognition, or whatever level of prosperity God promised them, what do we do sometimes? We get anxious and step out of the lanes that we are in to mimic their methods of success or even abandon the path that we know God has us on vs. patiently staying on the road, regardless of whether it feels like we’re going 5 miles an hour.
Others will pass you and reach levels of achievement sooner than what you desire is realized. That’s life.  The choices that people make to get where they are and/or the timing and will of God for their lives are out of our control.  We have to reel in our focus on God’s will for us and pray for the sensitivity to move in cadence with the Holy Spirit’s unction and flow.  Proverbs 4:25-27 says it perfectly.  “Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet; stay on the safe path. Don’t get sidetracked; keep your feet from following evil.” (NLT).
The journey to our individual destinies would be a lot less chaotic and safer if we stopped trying to copy or keep up with others.  One thing is for sure, there would be a lot less accidents, collisions and wrecks.  Saul made a wreck of his life not just because He disobeyed God, but he further sealed his fate by falling to competitive chatter that was going on about him and David.
“When the victorious Israelite army was returning home after David had killed the Philistine, women from all the towns of Israel came out to meet King Saul. They sang and danced for joy with tambourines and cymbals. This was their song: ‘Saul has killed his thousands and David his ten thousands!’ This made Saul very angry. ‘What’s this?’ he said. ‘They credit David with ten thousands and me with only thousands. Next they’ll be making him their king!’  So from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David.” – I Samuel:18;6-9 (NLT)
God has a unique path for you, a predestined road that you and you alone are to travel and don’t worry; you will get there at the right time.  And when you think about, what can we really do about God’s timing anyway? It’s set. You can’t get their quicker than when He will allow or you will be like I was in traffic, the anxious lady who was either delaying herself or staying in the same place because I was trying to rush through the process and to no avail.  Be anxious for nothing. Stop changing lanes. Just stay in yours. You’ll get there at the right time.